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We offer a full range of internet and marketing services at great prices, but specialize in marketing to smartphones creating innovative products to help business connect and market to people on their favorite devices, like our “magic” QR codes.


What are Magic QR codes ?

scan this QR code to complete details on your phone

Put simply, they are changeable codes
You can create a code, use it in advertising, printed materials, etc. but change where it goes on the internet and change what it does
This way, that one code can always be uptodate.

If you want to create your own Magic QR code, you can use this link to color and style your own, then just “tell us” in your words what you want it to do.  Our technicians will make it work, you don’t need to know anything much about the internet because we do all the technical stuff for you.  Like we say – Easy as 1 – 2 – 3.
Magic QR codes are FREE.                  Welcome aboard.

If you want to know more about what you can do with these ingenious little codes visit the full site and see examples of how smart businesses connect with customers using their smartphones.  There is a full range of business products to help you from surveys to coupons.  Magic QR codes .com