project: SMS reply APP with TWILIO API

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This PROJECT is the development of an APP and “SYSTEM” to provide a “relay” of information from a SMS message with Reporting and eCommerce section for billing.
It is very similar to a QR relay system and the QR section also runs the same codes.

Open to suggestions, but as we see it, a combination of HTML 5, Bootstrap and API work with TWILIO or another SMS gateway, at our discretion.

We have the Bootstrap theme Limitless, but if you have another to suggest, please do, this also applys to modules, etc.

The essential concept is that someone wants further information about an item.

That person sees that the item has a SMS number and a keyword code, and by sending that keyword code to the SMS number, the “SYSTEM” returns the additional information to the person by providing a small message in the SMS, plus a URL to the full information about the item.  They could simply use the QR code and scan for the same result.  But this SMS relay system returns the qrURL for them to click, when they don’t know how to use the QR code.

qrURL is one of the URLs in the SYSTEM controlled by ADMIN to show the WEBPAGEs

The SYSTEM is web based (computer) which uses EITHER the APP (Android) to push the information from the system to the VIEWER’s phone by using the APP’s sim card and phone credit, OR Using Twilio to send the SMS.  This feature is controlled by ADMIN.

***Either Twilio sends the SMS OR a different phone using an APP sends the message.

  • There will be multiple levels within the SYSTEM.  With overall control in a Super Admin we refer to as ADMIN.  I will control ADMIN.  There will be ACCOUNTS, who are the larger customers, which will have features restricted by ADMIN.   Accounts must be able to personalize their online presentation, edit webpages, etc.   USERS are the small customers, casually using the minimum features of the SYSTEM.
  • A “white label” offering must be created,  (this can simply be a copy of the PLATFORM, setup in another domain with it’s own qrURL domain, NUMBER, APP, etc. but we must be able to lock out their ability to create additional accounts / users as in our version.)
  • URL redirection – we require the ability to schedule and redirect the qrURLs in the system.
  • Reporting on the webpage viewing / APP push, etc.
  • eCommerce for charging membership fees, use and production of TAGS whether they are printed by us or by the user.

Suggestions about a Windows  OR Apple APP would be appreciated

Please be sure to have read and understood these terms:     Terms of the Project – codes   ****Amongst the terms is NO ADVANCE PAYMENTS.   



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