domain portfolio

SELLING DOMAINS – initial fee plus commission

I have an extensive portfolio of DOMAINS, that I would like assistance to sell. This would involve researching and setting up the descriptions, etc. In SEDO and FILPPA, perhaps setting up a basic HTML sales site on the domain itself.
I am open to suggestions here and would like to trial you with a single domain to judge your performance, but we are looking at a LONG TERM BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP, if this works for you, it is probably a permanent job.

So you are paid an initial fee to research, write description and place the domain in SEDO and FLIPPA.

Additionally, the selling of the domain may involve direct contact with those people who are related to the brand, business identity or organization / club / group of the domain. For this, I am also prepared to pay 5% commission on top of the “initial fee” rate. For instance JUI JITSU WEBSITE .COM, you could put into SEDO and FLIPPA with relative details / valuation / traffic /etc. (3 initial fee) and then follow up the businesses, clubs and groups relating to JUI JITSU to make them aware of the availability of the domain and assist them to purchase (OR LEASE) the domain.

***You are NOT ALLOWED to advertise or sell your services directly to anyone. You will be working through our business, as part of our team. Think Website Marketing .com (TWM).

Any additional work such as development of website, etc. Will also be done with you, but at our rates and under our business model, NOT YOURS hosting must be with us, etc.

So…. you would receive $15 to advertise JUI JITSU WEBSITE .COM on SEDO and FLIPPA with the relevant details.

If you contact the clubs and business and got a client from these emails / phone calls / etc. to purchase @ $600. then you would receive $15 (initial fee) + 5% of $ 600 = $30 a total of $45 dollars for your work.

If that client went on to build a website with us (TWM) then that work would go to you and we would split the payment for that, and you would continue to work with that client on our behalf. A typical website sale for us (and yes, they vary greatly) would be $1600.

You would recieve 50% of that upon completion (client happy) giving you a total renumeration of: $15 + $30 + $800 = $845.
***Do remember – you are producing that website, to their satisfaction.
ALTERNATIVELY – we are happy to “LEASE” domains instead of selling them. All of the same applies to the leasing arrangement. You would be paid $15 to place the domain (for sale). If you contact the relavent groups, etc. And then LEASE the domain instead of selling it – a cheaper option for the buyer, then you will receive 50% of the net lease on the domain in it’s first year.
In this example JUIJUISUWEBSITE.COM might be offered @ $1200 and we would accept $600 or a lease at 10% of offered price ($120 / yr) (includes the domain registration fees). You would be paid $15 + 50% of $120 = $60 a total of $75, plus any other services you sell to the client such as websites, etc.


ESSENTIALLY, you will be operating as an agent for us, to sell and lease our domains and services, at all times you must identify yourself as working for TWM, and we must be aware of what you offer clients and we will provide you an email address, etc. To assist you.

***At all times, you must act in a professional and courteous manner. Hosting, support and other similar aspects must be done with us and they will be our responsibility and there are no payments to you for these aspects.

please also see terms of this work