terms of work


DO NOT APPLY for this project unless you have read, understood and agree to the terms below.


All work completed must provide for us to have complete and exclusive ownership and copyright associated with the software and the systems within the software which cannot be used in whole or in part in any other past or future project.

The terms of the project are strict.


$15 AUD    per domain processed



1 week



INITIAL PAYMENT – NONE – no payments in advance at any time.
Applicants that ask for upfront payment will be immediately rejected without further discussion.

1st PAYMENT – $15 – Upon listing domain in SEDO and FLIPPA

2nd PAYMENT – commission for sale of domain *** where the worker has provided evidence of their active role in obtaining the sale / lease of the domain.

3rd PAYMENT – commission for sale of website or other additional charges to the client  *** where the worker has provided evidence of their active role in obtaining the sale.

4th PAYMENT – commission for sale of new services to the client.  *** where the worker has provided evidence of their active role in obtaining the sale or otherwise.


Successful candidate must specify the code development environment, tools and code style guide that you will be using.  Successful candidates must be available for ongoing possibly permanent work and add on sales for websites, etc.

The successful candidate will need to provide a written agreement to these aspects:  Copyright and Ownership, Non Disclosure, Availability for future work, how they will complete the work (as required above).



Terms “WORK” refer to the software being created in this contract.  You, “programmer”, “outsourcer”, “worker” and similar, are terms to identify the person(s) completing this work, who will be paid the contract price by milestones as above.  We, us, our, “Think”, “TWM” and similar identify the copyright owner who is paying the contract price for the completion of this work.
All completed work must be updated regularly to our satisfaction.
Work will ONLY BE ASSESSED from our own site and at our convenience.
The worker is required to resolve all issues relating to the research, writing and general completion of the work.  All aspects of the work must be consistent throughout all parts in appearance, logic, elegance and practicality. In addition, the work procedures be well laid out, responsive for tablet/phone use and user-friendly to our satisfaction.  Our in-house team will work with the programmer to jointly design and organize the work’s completion for the production of art and additional elements as needed, but you are responsible for all elements relating to the successful completion of the work.

The worker understands that the information provided at https://www.twm.im/employment/domain-portfolio   (and associated or linked pages) represents the foundation for the work and not the absolute specifications for the work.  The final development will be a cooperative partnership between the successful applicant for the work, and us.  Change and variation are likely through the development of the work, and this has been allowed for in the contract value, unless it entails a distinctly different functionality as determined by us.  Where we determine there is a distinctly different functionality, additional costs and time for development will be provided, in proportion to the original contract value, as determined by us.
The worker is required to provide 12 months of free ongoing support on all aspects of the work, where appropriate, from the date of final payment, in a professional and timely manner.
The amount for each milestone will be paid upon completion, often deposited into escrow on the date of commencement of each milestone. The escrow funds will be released to the worker after the milestone is functioning bug free and to our satisfaction on our own site, where applicable.  Failure to adhere to these terms may result in cancellation of the work without prior warning.

The worker must at all times conduct themselves in a professional, courteous manner and work through the identity and email that we provide in order for them to act as an agent in the selling of services as TWM.

DO NOT APPLY for this project unless you have read, understood and agree to the terms above.

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