project: SMS reply APP with SMS gateway API


This PROJECT is the development of an APP (Android, Apple and Windows) and a web based ADMIN SYSTEM to provide a “relay” of information from a SMS message.  The ADMIN SYSTEM must manage the functions and features of the software, including generating the KEYWORDS.

It is very similar to a QR relay system and the QR section also runs the same codes as the SMS part.

QR codes and the TAGs must be customizable for color, style, etc. and it must be possible to redirect URLs.

There will be Reporting and eCommerce section for billing our clients.

There will need to be other eCommerce options for clients using the system to charge for their products, a basic shopping cart.

Please be sure to have read and understood the terms of the project, before discussing the work with us.     Terms of the Project – SMSreply   ***Please be aware, we only pay for good, completed work, as per the terms, we DO NOT pay before the work is completed.

There are no restrictions on the programming methods, but as we see it, a combination of HTML 5, Bootstrap and API work with SMS gateway of our discretion.

We are open to suggestions on specific aspects of coding, design and modules.
The full specifications of the software contain more detailed explanations with graphics, etc.
There is a draft wireframe of the database structure with tables and fields.
We have the Bootstrap theme Limitless.
There are a number of modules and functions referenced in the full specification, available in Bootstrap


Please be familiar with these terms when you come to discuss the project so we both clearly understand each other.

API receives “request” for information – the APP is alerted and sends SMS
OR the SMS gateway is alerted to send SMS.  See section 1020.

Customers of this software, who pay to use the software.

is VIEWER under the lost property concept – TEMPLATE sections 1200

Anything which the TAG is attached to.  Where the VIEWER will be requesting further information about the ITEM through the software

The SMS number which the KEYWORD is sent to as shown on the TAG.  See section 1040

The software / software interface

The URL on the TAG, which includes the KEYWORD and DOMAIN and delivers to a WEBPAGE which is the KEYWORD.  This is the CONTENT DOMAIN.
It is the URL embedded in the QR code.  See section 1040.

The text information written onto TAGs.  See section 1040.

My staff managing the software

Myself – top control of all aspects and features of software

Relates to the styling or templates for TAGs

The software processing the API information, managing resources including allocating KEYWORDS and TAGs and also tracking useage.

The printed component of the software which the VIEWER uses to request further information.  TAG includes, NUMBER, KEYWORD, qrURL, QR code, REFERENCE.  See section 1040.

The layout, design for the WEBPAGE

The person using the APP with their phone

Any person who is interested in finding more information about an item which has a TAG and sends SMS or follows QR code to WEBPAGE.

The phone number of the phone requesting the information from the system

The “further information” that the VIEWER requests, set out by the TEMPLATE, which is the URL of the qrURL (see above)


This a system to get more information about an item.

The item could be a tree in a park, a lost set of keys or a shirt in a store.

The item has a TAG on it.  The TAG has a QR code on it.
The QR code delivers a webpage where the information is.

The TAG also has a KEYWORD and SMS NUMBER.
If the person who is looking for more information (the VIEWER) sends the message (KEYWORD) to the SMS NUMBER, the same URL (same as the QR code) will be delivered by SMS message to the person who sent the KEYWORD and by clicking on the link they will get the information they wanted.


Scan the QR code to go to the qrURL of the KEYWORD
(to get more information about the item)


Send the SMS KEYWORD code to the NUMBER  [to get the qrURL]
(to get the same information about the item)

The TAG is the combination of:  KEYWORD – NUMBER – qrURL – QR CODE – REFERENCE in this basic format.

*** If the VIEWER uses the QR code, then there is no need to send an SMS.

1020 – SMS system

The diagram below shows the SMS system and how it operates.

 SMS gateway collects the SMS information and the API transfers to the SYSTEM

SYSTEM alerts the APP to use the sim card in the APP phone to send SMS message which includes the qrURL of the QR code on the TAG.
the SYSTEM alerts the SMS gateway to send the SMS by the phone number on the TAG.

Whether the VIEWER scans the QR code or sends the SMS message, they receive the  SAME RESULT   with the same URL (example here: for either method and can go to the webpage to view the information there.


1030 – The SYSTEM (software) – functions

The software, referred to as the SYSTEM will need to complete these tasks and interact with the SMS gateway API to:

  1. Provide the NUMBER for SMS transmission (from the gateway)
  2. Allow clients to purchase a new NUMBER (from the gateway, for their private use)
  3. Create KEYWORDs and associate them with the relevant NUMBERs
  4. Create TAGs using the KEYWORDs
  5. RECEIVE the SMS messages and relay KEYWORDs to the SYSTEM, so that SYSTEM may ALERT the APP (or gateway) to deliver the relevant unique SMS message which includes short information and the KEYWORD qrURL
  6. Collect and process information to be included in the webpages.  Creating a webpage or Updating a webpage must be possible on a one by one basis and a mass update by spreadsheet or similar.
  7. There must be a simple way of associating a specific TAG, with it’s KEYWORD and unique URL with the information being updated.  e.g. Create the information for the webpage and then associate it with a specific KEYWORD which then provides it’s qrURL and use with that TAG.
  8. The software will provide a Tier Administration, with a SuperAdmin, who controls the access of other users to the functions, options, etc. in the SYSTEM, to control availability of features for CLIENTs and so that STAFF can work to assist CLIENTs.
  9. The software must be designed in such a way, that it can be “installed” into a domain and then be possible to be configured for a different look and feel.  With the SYSTEM able to setup a NUMBER from the SMS gateway and a domain for the qrURL and content for the TEMPLATE.  In this way, multiple versions of the software can exist in different domains, all independent of each other.
  10. Ignore ” and other special characters sent in error by VIEWER.
  11. Global controls – by region, setting aspects such as units – weights, page sizes, phone numbers, etc.

1031 – The APP – functions

  1. PUSH / send SMS
  2. Collect information to update a specific WEBPAGE of each TAG, including photographs, video, audio, etc. – this can also be done in the SYSTEM (web based, e.g. computer)
  3. List of all the requests sent by the Viewers, with their Mobile numbers
  4. Assign a TAG to the WEBPAGE by scanning the code or inputting the KEYWORD
  5. Mask the phone number of the phone using the APP.  (So that phone number used to send the SMS response does NOT identify that phone number)  Be masked as either  “private number” or a number designated in the PLATFORM

1040 – TAGs

The basic format of a TAG is the combination of:

  • qrURL

  • KEYWORD – the message sent to the SMS gateway  e.g. YTWLZZ
  • NUMBER – is the SMS PHONE NUMBER which used to send the code to the SMS gateway e.g. 0412343042
  • qrURL – the URL including the KEYWORD + the content domain where the webpage is
  • QR CODE – a QR code of the qrURL
  • REFERENCE – Text information which can be written on the TAG, e.g. a name or identification for the business, client or TAG.

TAGS are envisaged to be produced in quantity, then the details of the individual qrURL are created.  E.G.  Clothing store is using 200 TAGS, which were printed and sent to store.  The staff then use the phone with the APP installed to assign and update the individual TAGS (and their WEBPAGE) with photographs (taken with phone) and details of each of the clothes with TAGS. Later the TAGS can be reused with other clothes, by updating the details in the WEBPAGE or more can be added by ordering more pre-printed TAGs or printing their own.


1051 – QR code design

Features such as individual color selection, background, the QR code, the KEYWORD, etc. will be controlled by SuperAdmin

Other features which will be offered as upgrades to the standard software will be shaping of the QR code and individual coloring of the QR code, examples below.






The design of the TAG must be possible – for instance colors and REFERENCE and location of the elements of the TAG.   5 Different designs for the TAGs.


1055 – Keyword Input

  1. New KEYWORDS will need to be created by our clients.
  2. Some words will be restricted and not available to our clients.
  3. Some sequences of KEYWORDS will already be taken by the pre-printed TAGS and not available to our clients.
  4. Restrictions apply to KEYWORDS – length and characters and character case
  5. SuperAdmin does not have these restrictions


10 templates are to be created and setup to deal with 10 different offerings in the software.

The webpage is BASED ON ONE OF A GROUP OF TEMPLATES, and will include functions such as:

  • tap to call phone
  • tap to send SMS message
  • tap to send eMail
  • tap to Skype
  • tap to Tweet
  • tap to go Facebook
  • tap to go You Tube
  • google maps
  • etc.




There needs to be capacity to control the action of the qrURLs, based on time, date, etc.  This capacity is contained in the TEMPLATES and the feature can be controlled by the SuperAdmin (on/off).


This QR code is an example of a working model.  Please scan and then rescan / refresh every minute.

OR you can use the URL

Please REFRESH every minute, you will see a different offer appear as it redirects to: Offer1, Offer2,, etc.

1330 – Redirection Methods and Functions

Here is a simple overview of the functionality required and how to layout the operation of this part of the software.  It allows for redirections to occur according to several criteria including:  a click, a time period, a specific date / time, per click, etc.


1410 – Installation / White Label concept

White Label concept is that the original software can be copied / installed to a new location and configured quite separately from the other instances of the original software.

The White Label concept should provide complete customization of the software,  looking entirely different from other services we are providing, while maintaining the full functionality of the original software.  Such features would include Logo, Colors, Shape, Design.

We also need a “back-door” into the system.  Meaning we are a permanent SuperAdmin for each white label instance we have.

You will need to provide a way to install and configure the software into the new locations.


These are some of the aspects we are looking to implement in the general look and feel of the platform.

The basic layouts areas show ABOVE.  Typical page layout, where Logo resides in left top corner, with menu below, bread crumbs to the right and a slide show for tips, advertising, etc. in the right corner. There is no precise requirement other than we are satisfied with the final appearance.  Bread Crumbs are to be used throughout the software.


Simple slide show integrated into the platform where jpg or png files load in sequence.  This option should be loading from a specific location, e.g. a subdirectory in the platform which contains a number of slides.

This will also be an element of the APP, showing a range of messages, including tips, promotional offers (of the software), help messages, etc.  The content for Slide show will be different in the APP and the PLATFORM.

 1700 – TRACKING

There are a range of obvious things that need to be tracked and then reported on, but in addition to the obvious, these aspects must be tracked, reported and in some cases charged for.  There will need to be dialogue boxes allowing the client to purchase more credits when they either exceed their allowed limit or othewise do not have credit for that specific function.

  • ALERTs
  • SMSs  (sent to / from the gateway or the APP)
  • qrURL activity
  • qrURL redirection
  • TAGs created


There will need to be reporting modules setup to show the use of the system – by ALERTS, TAGS created, etc.  the purchases, options activated by the clients, general performance, etc.

2000 – eCOMMERCE

eCommerce will exist for both our selling of this software and it’s features and also for the clients, so that they may utilize a simple cart system to sell product from their webpages.

Charging for the PLATFORM will be in these ways,

  1. Via membership
  2. Per TAG (qrURL) setup in the SYSTEM
  3. Per ALERT sent to their APP or to SMS gateway to send SMS
  4. Per upgrade for CLIENT, e.g. more templates created / private domain / ETC.

2010 – Plans and Pricing

The APP will be free to download, with a TRIAL version including limited credits and time of use.

Membership plans need to be set in the Administration Panel for price (monthly fee)  &  expiration (if the membership plan is short term offer eg.XX days)

3 plans with control over which features are enabled to each “plan” and the inclusions of TAGS, ALERTS, upgrades.

CASUAL USE – Free monthly – pay as you go model – produce TAGS, etc.
CLIENT USE – Monthly fee with a number of TAGS / ALERTS included
PLATINUM PLAN– Monthly fee – All features enabled.   With private qrURL, private NUMBER, and large credit for ALERTS and SMS useage.

Essentially, these offerings breakdown to:
FREE trial – with APP, free to download which after trial period, defaults to… CASUAL USE, pay as go (after the trial period), which the CLIENT can upgrade to… CLIENT USE, the basic subscription model where they can pick and choose the features of the software themselves (paying for them individually) and ultimately to… PLATINUM PLAN, where everything is available to them.

2020 – UPGRADE features for clients

Upgrades include but are not limited to the following which are all chargeable aspects of a client’s use of the software and maybe included in the subscriptions – their membership or offered as part of membership or sold as separate upgrades as the client wishes to purchase those additional features.  It is important to be able to create and offer upgrade packages to CLIENTS by way of email/ SMS, etc.  Example:  Design options for TAGS + 1000 SMS + 1000 ALERTS for a subscription price of $$$.

  • general plan upgrade to include more TAGS / ALERTS
  • more personalization of the TAGS / their account
  • more personalization of the QR codes
  • more templates in their account
  • “done for you” outsourcing to help and explain and do for client
  • private domain for qrURLs


2030 – Look and Feel, Customization

We need to be able to change the plans and pricing, image below to reflect how it will look/ create graphic showing feature list / create flow diagram to show concept, to adjust the relevant Pricing Plans to suit with different features and market at three levels –  level 1/ level 2 / level 3 plans differently through time)


  • discount for larger bulk purchases
  • connected to the purchase of SMS, so that a CLIENT either purchases ALERTS to run his APP, or SMS to run the SMS  gateway



Can choose from side menu – options such as

  • dedicated personal assistant
  • voxan / Skype access
  • more time
  • done for you
  • buying credits for ALERTS/ SMS/ etc.
  • any of the upgrades, e.g from PAYG to subscription, Case Sensitive printing, etc
  • blog – memberships – ideas / examples / ideas

and UPSELLS, OTO, etc.

Once the CLIENT chooses a membership plan, the cart displays OTO (One Time Offers) based on combinations of billing  (eg. pay for 8 months and get 2 months free) and upgrades (eg. pay for 6 months and get cheaper, get bonus, get upgrade)  Coupons will also be available to attract CLIENTS.

Also an ULTIMATE package which includes all current and future updates, free PA assistance for the lifetime of membership for a one time fee as OTO (ultimate).

Payment Options required:
There will need to be currency options, SuperADMIN can set the currency and the CLIENT can select his own currency to pay with.  Eg. If the platform advertises USD and a CLIENT living in Canada may choose to pay in CAD.  Obviously a conversion feature will be required, Bitcoin and other altcoins should be considered, in the conversion feature and allow for payment in many ways.
PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum and eWay payment gateway or similar.
The Bitcoin option should be visible throughout the eCommerce process and all payments must have the Bitcoin option.


Billing the client involves  4 areas

  1. Subscription
  2. ALERTs
  3. SMSs
  4. TAGs (KEYWORDS ordered)

SUBSCRIPTION – will involve a regular payment (monthly, automatic) and failure to make payment should stop entry into the SYSTEM or APP to make changes (other than to make payments)  after 28 -30 days (the calendar month), the TAGS should be halted.

ALERTS –  The clients using our software, will need to maintain a credit for ALERTS, when these credits expire for any reason, then the ALERTS should stop and then no more SMS replys will be sent.

ALERT credits expire after XX days if unused.

SMS  – The clients using our software, will need to maintain a credit for SMSs, when these credits expire for any reason, then the SMSs should stop and no more SMS will be sent by the gateway.

TAGS – are either ordered as a printed physical item which we send to the client, or the client arranges their own printing of the TAGS.  TAGS should be sold in groups, i.e. pay for 10 TAGS (digital) and create them one at a time in the APP / SYSTEM. or pay for 100 TAGS (digital) and send the digital information to your preferred printer and create yourself, or pay for TAGS (physical) and we send the TAGS to the client.

TAGS credits no not expire.
SuperAdmin (us) bulk purchases SMS credits from SMS gateway,
CLIENTS purchase ALERT credits from us to use with the software.

Credit pre-purchases will be shown on a sliding scale (see below) also indicating the discount rates for larger purchase quantities.
( bootstrap module for this ?)


other examples of clearly showing the pre-purchase options to customers:



We require extensive popup help in balloon form, to guide users in the program.

The popups are relevant to hover position



We are expecting the programmer to use or provide the same functionality as seen in these examples and bootstrap modules.

Budget and Terms of the work here:

Questions and answers which you should read here:


Database Table and Fields design (click to download)
Design Draft Tables and Fields SMSreply   (QR codes)



Test and Trial software:


We own Limitless template

There are a number of Bootstrap modules to be used (unless, you have a better choice for this project, otherwise please use those listed)

We are prepared to purchase additional themes, modules, etc. if required and we will pay those costs (within reason – our choice).

Date Time Selector – Bootstrap

Here is a link of bootstrap date time selector. It is the last date/time selector at the bottom of the page at the link below called “Inline”, the date should be displayed in the date field in this format Wed 27 May 2016 7:45 AM

The date is to be displayed in long format throughout the site. e.g. Mon 30 May 2016 5:30 PM



Large Window Layout

Responsive Table Extension

Multiple Rows

Feature allows the selection of multiple columns and mass edit fields of these records.

Display Control

Row Details

User can choose number of entries to be displayed on each page from drop down menu. Throughout the session and when the user logs out and back on again the previous setting used here is set as the default.

Table Width

should be flexible to fit all size screens

Column Selector

The user can choose which fields are displayed in the column view (The last setting should remain as the default display for the session and when the user logs on again) ths user shold be able to save different diaplay settings and choose from a drop down to select which one if his saved displays he wants to use.

The column selector widget allows the user to set which columns are displayed.    The user can add an unimited number of extra fields to the customer database and this allows the user to view different selections of field data.

Add Key words
Key words
Add key words to options to improve their searchability using data-tokens.

Subscriber’s Mobile Number

Column Selector Bootstrap

Bootstrap Search Field

Example 4 mobile number needs to filtered to correct format for different countries
code seems to be enforcing the limit of number of characters – but it needs to delete any leading 0 from a number

Fancy Sidebar bootstrap

Password strength

checkboxes for days of week

Pricing membership tables

Template monster html5 bootstrap theme

Stepping and snapping slider


About Us:

Think Website Marketing is an Australian business operating in Australian business hours – UTC +10
9 am to 5 pm,  Monday – Friday.   Please do not contact us by calling or phoning or skype us.  We will contact you, but please do put forward your proposal in writing and why you believe you should be the successful candidate (in writing only).  For this project, we will contact you “after-hours” if necessary, to discuss.  Please forward emails to to provide details about yourself and your interest in the project. If you have questions you may also chat to us (not call) on our Skype ThinkWebsite or Facebook – ThinkWebsiteMarketing.  Please be sure to sure to use the correct terms for the Project as described in the Section 1001 – Definitions and the relevant images.  Please be sure to read all the relevant information here, before asking questions which make us question your skills or ability to follow our instructions.

Budget and Terms of the work here:

Questions and answers which you should read here:

This is an overview of the project, there is a more extensive explanation showing more examples, graphics, details, etc.  What is shown here is excerpts from the project so that you may understand both what it is and how it is explained.   Please complete the Non Disclosure Agreement with your details, company, location, etc. and sign and return to us by email (, together with information about yourself and similar work, then we can have a discussion about project and any concerns you have.

NDA here:   NDA -draft

You will not be provided access to the full specifications until NDA is signed and you have a basic interview with us.