questions and answers

General discussion:


  1. Question:  What makes a good candidate to win this project?
    ANSWER:  We are always looking for long term workers, so business conduct and ethics are very important to us.  Apart from that, communication and understanding of the work is very important.  It is a good idea to read the description and associated material thoroughly.  Then ask intelligent questions about the work being offered.  Try to illustrate, you know this work and you can complete the work in a timely business fashion.
  2. Question:  Is this all the work for this project?
    ANSWER:  NO, there will be extensions of this software, upgrades in functionality and new products developed based on this work,  Long term, it is only the first stage of the software development.
  3. Question:  Is the contract price fixed?
    ANSWER:  NO, we are focused on the QUALITY of the work, THE RESULT.  But we do want the best value, so if we cannot decide between candidates, then we will take the lower quotation.   Our first focus is “Can the applicant complete the work, to our satisfaction, in a timely fashion?”.  Illustrating what you can do is far more important, and with larger contracts like this, it is more important to show you have experience doing large jobs to gain our confidence.
  4. Question:  Are the terms of the project fixed?
    ANSWER:  NO, if there is a specific issue with one of the terms, the candidate should still bid for the work and request the variation in the terms, they need. If you are unable to complete part of the project, please advise us in your bid. Please understand, that it is our position that the work be done as it is explained and at the budget price and under the terms we offer.  When candidates alter the work, it may weaken your bid on the project.
    Once the candidate is selected the Terms section will be finalized and written to satisfy both of us.  This becomes the lasting conditions of the agreement to complete the work.  The same applys to the Specifications section and the 3 parts (Q&A, Terms and Specifications) become the Agreement.
  5. Question:  Why won’t you pay outsourcers in advance?
    ANSWER:  We don’t pay our own staff in advance either, they do their work and get paid afterward.  With outsourcers, our experience, and we have been doing this for some years, is that they get lazy and do slow or poor quality work, or they simply do nothing at all and hope we don’t chase them for a refund.  It is too time consuming and difficult to force a refund.  It is my belief, that some of these would have been good workers, but having already got paid, changed their “enthusiasm” and resulted in spoiling the work relationship.  
    NO ADVANCE PAYMENTS – business rule now.
    5a. Question:  If we agree to work together then will it be for us only or others are working on the same project?
    ANSWER: YES, You would be the exclusive programmers for the project.  Our staff will also work on the project with you and we may employ external artists or research assistants to improve the final result.  But no delays in completing please. 
    5b Question:  How do I ask my questions about this project?
    ANSWER:  Simply “chat” to us, asking your questions – be sure they are not already answered here – that is a frustrating waste of time for us and makes a prospective candidate appear lazy.  Candidates should be sure to use the terms used in the project, not substitute their own ideas about how to describe an item, action or function.  This way, the discussion relates back to the information about the project and everyone is speaking the “same language”.  We will not tolerate candidates not being familiar with the project or the language used to explain.
  6. Question:  I understand it is a web based app but my question is, will we be having a web based app and also a hybrid app of that version in android?
    ANSWER:  The SYSTEM is a web based application built in BOOTSTRAP, etc. using a theme and additional modules for the administration of the platform. The functionality – person using the APP, must be able to update the web based information about what the TAG applys to:
    example: TAG is on a piece of clothing, and person (USER) updating the information, is using the APP to take photo of the clothing and writing description for that TAG
  7. Question:  When someone sends SMS to the number, SMS gateway will deliver the message to that number.  Now the question is, how will your system understand that a message has been received? Will SMS gateway trigger some event if yes then what is that?
    ANSWER:  The SYSTEM will receive the information from SMS gateway through the API and recognize the combined parts of the message, being NUMBER and KEYWORD.   Using this information from the API, the SYSTEM will EITHER send a push notification to the APP on the appropriate phone SIM and send the reply message with the appropriate URL to the VIEWER’s phone (this is a different number from the send NUMBER), OR send the reply message back through SMS gateway using the same NUMBER that the VIEWER requested the SMS reply.
  8. Question:  You mentioned you have purchased bootstrap theme limitless does that mean we must use that theme?
    ANSWER:   NO, but it is assumed…. but we are open to other possibilities and purchasing themes, modules, etc. to complete the project.  A range of modules are also selected from bootstrap, but the programming is your side of things.  The most critical factor is getting the PROFESSIONAL RESULT we are seeking.
  9. Question:  What is the background of your company?
    ANSWER:   Think Website Marketing has been in business for about 7 years, it’s primary focus is web solutions for business.  We provide services in these major areas:  Hosting,  Domain research and acquisition, Website design, Software development and SEO.  This entails us often outsourcing to webworkers who are either faster, more uptodate or have the specialized skills we need.  Sometimes we are outsourcing simply because it is more efficient or we have too much work to complete inhouse.
  10. Question:  Can you please explain me the process of project and where you will use SMS gateway API
    ANSWER:  I can’t explain it any better than the discussion and diagrams on that part of the main description.  You can also read through these questions, where others have asked and examples were given.  Read all the relevant areas please.
  11. Question:  What about something which is beyond the scope and design and budget of the main description.
    ANSWER:  Please look at the terms of the project again as we discuss the issue of “out of spec” work and additional work.  We agree to pay an hourly rate if we accept it is new functionality.   Please do not confuse, elaboration, added detail and integration of the work with additional or “out of spec”.
  12. Question:  Can we speak on Skype?
    ANSWER:  NO, initially.  We are easy to find online, our business name, website, Skype, LINE, etc. You would need to speak to a manager and they don’t have time to talk or chat to every candidate for work we request.  Unless you are already know to us, in which case they will be in contact with you.  If you are new to us, then you must apply in writing through the most appropriate means and mention the work which you are interested in, again, we would then contact you.    We prefer you chat to us here, wherever you found us, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc.  IF we do have a CALL on Skype, please be sure to be prepared and ask intelligent questions, you are probably speaking with management and they don’t have time to waste also you are being judged on many levels, you may not get a second opportunity for the work.  As always, thank you for your interest and time.
  13. Question:  The information and layout of the specifications is not fully complete?
    ANSWER:  True, we don’t have the time or the staff to completely specify the project, create To Do lists, full spec and checklists, etc.  For that, we would need someone of your high level programming skills, so for the “gaps” and the design we are reliant on you.  Essentially, you provide the solutions.  We also see this as an evolving structure, which requires our joint efforts to create the best outcome.  There are many parts which are clearly laid out or drafts, such as the table / fields structure.
  14. Question:  What about wireframes, mockups and PSD ?
    ANSWER:  We have provided most of the information needed to enable the design of the system.  We will provide drafts or designs of such things where possible, but the successful candidate will be required to provide (in conjunction with us) the suitable appearance, wireframes, mockups and PSD needed to complete the project.
    There is a draft for the database tables and fields
  15. Question:  You told me you want to sell this in “other countries”, but you are limited to the countries that have twilio right? Or you think it’s ok to send a SMS to another country?
    ANSWER:  The connection that the SYSTEM has with the API of SMS gateway must allow a CLIENT to purchase a NUMBER from SMS gateway to operate from. It is the set in the SYSTEM, with KEYWORDS and qrURLs and SMS gateway receives the SMS requests etc. 
    SuperAdmin, will setup the SERVICEs for each NUMBER etc and buy the NUMBER for the country that we are supporting (unless the CLIENT purchase their own private NUMBER).
    At this point in time, if SMS gateway does not support a country, then our software is not relevant for that country.
    15a  Question:  Which SMS gateway?
    ANSWER:  We are considering SMS global, but we are happy to discuss and have your advice on this aspect of the work.
  16. Question:  You have to charge your user based on inbound message, because SMS gateway does charge for received messages
    ANSWER: yes – that is in the design, we work this as – ALERTS, where the SYSTEM has pushed the APP to send SMS (does not have to be successful only that the SYSTEM sent the push to the APP).  Keeping in mind, the other option of having SMS gateway send the SMS – larger clients.  Here the clients are charged for the ALERT, which must be more than the cost to us, for sending the SMS from SMS gateway – we pay SMS gateway , the client MUST maintain a credit of ALERTS, for the SMS reply to operate.
    Other charges will be based on SUBSCRIPTION and TAGS.
  17. Question:  Who is responsible for the system identity (BRANDING)?
    I understand you want to you want to re-sell, but you also need “your brand”, right?
    ANSWER:  Short answer –  we are.  This is the logos, etc. in the original software.  The programmer is responsible for the integration and use of the logos, etc., including the templates creation, this will include PSD files, etc to complete the appearance of the platform.  The CLIENTS are responsible for the content of their own webpages.
    Where there is a “white label” style of installation, that work will be for a new product or special client and that would be additional work (at the hourly rate agreed)
  18. Question:  How would this work, when should we use the default? your brand?
    Is that like a premium user so he can customize while other customers cant?
    ANSWER:  Exactly, the premium customers will have the most customization, others would operate under the main branding as set in the SuperAdmin.  SuperAdmin will also control the availablity of features to CLIENTS depending on their payments or subscriptions to the software (i.e. Upgrades).  The “white label” offering will have complete Branding available for those customers.
  19. Question:  What about the branding of the software, is this something we must do in this software project?
    ANSWER:  No, that is not part of the specifications here.
  20. Question: I understood the main concept but I need to understand more about these TAGs.
    ANSWER:  [Section – 1020 and 1200]  I will share an example…   Section 1205 – Parks and Gardens.  We want to approach local councils, our SERVICE would be to relay information about parks and gardens, plants, etc.  In this example, 10000 TAGS would be pre-printed (from the SYSTEM creating a .CSV)  which was sent to a printing company to be printed.  500 could be sent to one council and another 600 to a different council, etc.  The council would employ field agents to go to the parks and place the TAG on a tree, then assign that TAG to the tree and using the APP could write information into the WEBPAGE which corresponds to the URL of the TAG.  Right there, on the spot including photos (from the phone APP) video, audio, etc.
  21. Question:  I’m not very sure about how to do the “product page”. Because we can’t just let the user “code html”, may be we should work with some limitations, like, up to 5 photos, one video, title and description?
    ANSWER:  Each of the “product pages” is what we call WEBPAGE, this is created from a TEMPLATE which is provided in the software,  so there is no coding for the CLIENT.  The SuperAdmin controls the TEMPLATES which controls what the CLIENT can put online.   [section – 1200]
  22. Question:  The CLIENT will have a variety of TEMPLATES for the WEBPAGE available to it?
    ANSWER:  Yes, this is one way we will control the functionality given to the CLIENTS.  Some CLIENTS will have many TEMPLATES available to them (and other features), but others may only have one.[section – 1200]
  23. Question:  So in some accounts, just one image and text, in other accounts, video, etc?
    ANSWER:  Yes
  24. Question:  Who is responsible for hosting this content?
    ANSWER:  We are.  It is all in the domain which is specified for qrURLs.  Look to the relevant sections on URL redirection [section – 1300] for more information.  Video is to be hosted onto public hosting such as YouTube.
  25. Question:  Do you need to track when the user has accessed this URL? Let’s imagine it’s a link to his Facebook. You want to the system to know when someone was redirected using the QR code, right?  or URL?
    ANSWER:  Yes, that is part of the reporting.  For billing we need to know – ALERTS and when the TEMPLATE is used (that is the URL was accessed), not where it goes to after that, although helpful – not essential.   Aspects such as ALERTS, use of URL, use of redirected URLs, SMS sent, etc.  [sections – 1700 and 2000]
  26. Question:  How many “plans” do you expect? If the system has subscriptions models, why do you need to change the accounts functions? Shouldn’t it be based on the plan the account has?
    ANSWER:  Wanting to keep things as flexible as possible, perhaps with a need to adjust what is available to accounts later or make the special offers on subscriptions and to provide different SERVICES.  There would always be a “sales page” showing 3 offers, including FREE – STANDARD – PREMIUM.  But each of these offers will vary over time and need to be flexible.  With such things as limited time offers, OTOs, coupons, etc.  [section – 2000].  The APP should be available online (e.g. PlayStore, iTunes) for FREE, with a limited  trial basis.
  27. Question:  How do you imagine the pricing page of your system? Since each plan is for a different service?
    ANSWER:  SuperAdmin sets up the “offering” (SERVICE)  which we are selling. It has a variety of functions / templates / credits and associated pricing.   This is what is offered to the prospective clients and they can also purchase upgrades of features as OTOs and later, individually.  There will be 3 different offerings in the eCommerce section.
  28. Question:  So the admin may create these plans. He should set the price as well, right?
    ANSWER:  Yes
  29. Question:  Will the Admin control whether the SMS is sent via the APP or by SMS gateway ?
    ANSWER:  The SuperAdmin  will either set the software as
    1> ONLY send by APP
    2> send by APP and CLIENT choice send by SMS gateway
    3>ONLY send by SMS gateway.
    his is important for larger clients with volumes of activity, otherwise this will overload their APP or the sim of the phone running the APP. 
  30. Question:  In question 20 : you mentioned : “We want to approach local councils, our SERVICE would be to relay information about parks and gardens, plants, etc” but in question 6: you mentioned : example: TAG is on a piece of clothing, and the person updating the information is using the APP to take photo of the clothing and writing description for that TAG. so this product information be provided to the programmers or will the user upload the information?
     will update the information themselves.  They will do this by using the APP or the SYSTEM, to update the content into the TEMPLATES for the WEBPAGE (at the end of their TAG’s qrURL).  They will need to do this one of 3 ways…
    1>  by spreadsheet (a mass upload)
    2>  by using the APP (individually for each webpage)
    3>  by using the SYSTEM (to do many at a time)
  31. Question:  Is Twilio to be the SMS gateway?
    ANSWER:  No, the final decision will be made later about which SMS gateway will need to be integrated into the SYSTEM.  If you have suggestions or experience with a particular gateway please advise us.
  32. Question:  Can you explain the part where users can change webpages and online presentation?
    ANSWER:  Changing the content of the TEMPLATE(S) for the WEBPAGES can be done within the SYSTEM or within the APP.  Both are limited to what the TEMPLATE can do and the availability of TEMPLATE(S) is determined by SuperAdmin.
  33. Question:  Will they be selling products through this system? Are we creating an online store with these sms and qr code features or are we adding these functionalities to an already built CMS ?
    ANSWER:  There is no “store” as such.  There are no “products” as such, but each WEBPAGE can allow a payment function, such as the use of PayPal buttons within a TEMPLATE which would be setup by the CLIENT and is not part of the SYSTEM or the software development you are creating.  This or similar simple payment system will be a specific feature of some TEMPLATES.
    So eCommerce is for the selling of our services, plus some simple payment functions within one or more TEMPLATES.
  34. Question:  If you are wanting to prevent redirection out of the qrURL hosting, that you are providing.  Will the SYSTEM have to prevent TEMPLATES being modified and prevent HTML, URL LINKS being written into content and similar, to keep all the VIEWERS within the hosted material in the qrURL?
    ANSWER:  Yes, some TEMPLATES will allow this in a limited fashion, but generally speaking the SMS reply software MUST be restricted to the hosted material ONLY.  So, if the domain for the qrURL is set as, the SYSTEM should redirect back along this URL, e.g. etc.
  35. Question:  What about security concerns?
    ANSWER:  Security is a major concern and the programmer is required to provide the “state of the art” current standard of security to protect both the private details of the clients within the system and the system itself.  It is envisaged, that the software being sufficiently encrypted that it cannot be copied in part or in total so as to prevent others from acquiring our copyright materials.
  36. Question:  The hosted content is in the qrURL, is there only one domain for all the hosted material?
    ANSWER:  No, the software will provide a choice of DOMAINS which the CLIENT can use for WEBPAGES.  Usually this will be restricted to one DOMAIN, but a CLIENT can purchase a PRIVATE DOMAIN or more than one and where there are more than one DOMAIN available it will be chosen from a drop down menu.
  37. Question:  The NUMBER is always the same for SYSTEM?
    ANSWER:  No,  the software sets the NUMBER by selecting available numbers from the SMS gateway and determines both the NUMBER (and the domain for the hosted material) for each individual CLIENT.
    Example:  CLIENT #1 – sms reply number is 04 777 777 7777 with hosting at http:/………… and
    CLIENT #2 uses sms number 08 456 456 6666 and it’s hosted material is at………….
    SuperAdmin will set this up, but the software will also allow the CLIENT to purchase PRIVATE NUMBER(S) each come with a PRIVATE DOMAIN.   PRIVATE means for their use and no other CLIENT.